Google AdWords and PPC Advertising

Google AdWords and PPC advertising

PPC Advertising has the power to generate new leads, new clients, and ultimately more sales. Many small businesses do not have the resources to navigate through confusing data analysis, potentially wasted costs and complicated account interfaces.

The professionals at EZB Consulting are experts at helping your small business access the vast benefits of search advertising.   Are you fully accessing the value and power of PPC advertising?

The professionals at EZB Consulting obsess about attention to detail, data analysis, and the fast-moving science of converting online clicks into clients.  After all, it’s the conversion rates that are the key indicators of a successful PPC program.  We also know that it is equally important to understand your business, think creatively; and to deliver clear and concise reports with workable actions. Ultimately our work is focused on your results and your sustained success.

EZB Consulting PPC Advertising2
EZB Consulting’s PPC Advertising is a complex campaign

Our Commitment:

  • Your account will be assigned to a manager fully certified in Google AdWords and Google Analytics.
  • We are committed to responsive and transparent service coupled with excellent communication.
  • Our Focus is on your Return on Investment (ROI) – maximizing your sales for minimum advertising cost.
Business intelligence using modern technology for PPC Advertising
EZB Consulting PPC Advertising experts will sit with You and learn about Your Business and Your Goals

What We Will Do:

  • Consultation with You about Your Business and Your Goals
  • Keyword and Competitor Analysis
  • Advise on website and landing page optimization – It is important that once traffic is sent to your website, you maximize the chances of customers making a purchase or leaving their contact details.
  • Installation of Google Analytics – We will help you ensure that tracking is correctly installed and integrated with your AdWords account.
  • Account Set-Up – We will set this up with the correct Ad Group structure which is a vital ingredient for the campaign’s success.
  • Keyword Matching – Phrase, Exact, Broad, Modified and Negative Keywords.
  • Ad Extensions – Setting these correctly can make your Ad stand out, Google places a great deal of emphasis on these in deciding the position of your Ad.
  • Ad Copy – Creative and well-structured ad copy that will maximize your click through rate. We will continually review and improve your copy.
  • Scheduling and Bidding Adjustment – We will test and refine your campaign for different times of day/time and by different devices.
  • Geo-Targeting – Your geographical market will need to be targeted to suit your business circumstances and objectives.
  • Position and Bid Management – We will maintain your competitive ad position whilst at the same time minimizing your costs.
  • Ongoing Evaluation and Optimization – Once your campaign had bedded in, this is about channeling your clicks to the most profitable areas and maximizing your ROI.
  • Support and Reporting – We offer unrivalled ongoing support and generate monthly reports to feedback on progress and discuss future work.
  • Marketing Growth – We’ll implement the changes necessary when you want to test the water with new offers or products.

    About us:

    EZB Consulting is a Las Vegas Marketing Consulting firm that offers a wide range of services and solutions to organizations in various industries. Our core competence lies in our ability to help small and medium-sized businesses maximize revenue, generate growth and develop a sustainable Competitive Advantage through our individualized strategies and solutions.


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