Large corporations typically have focused marketing campaigns with clear directives and objectives, and more importantly focused executions and analysis of the campaigns.  But did you know that Just 21% of B2B companies are successful at tracking ROI of their content marketing. And 15 percent say they do not track ROI on content marketing at all. [1]

Marketing can often seem like a game of chess, with our competitors appearing similar to grand-masters making accurate and impressive moves with split-second calculations.

Gain Competitive Advantage
EZB Consulting extensively understands and uses tools to gain Competitive Advantage.

EZB Consulting extensively understands and uses tools to help to tip the scales in our clients’ favor by originating bold and exceptional strategies that achieve  Competitive Advantage. We will then go further by facilitating the implementation of our counsel and essentially moving the pieces on the boards of the market towards ultimate victory.

Here’s a quick questionnaire to help determine the focus of your marketing program and campaigns:

  1. Do you know where you are positioned within your market?
    1. Where?
    2. Why?
  2. Is your firm positioned to optimize revenue & growth?
  3. Are your products positioned to optimize revenue & growth?
  4. Is your firm using a cost or differentiation strategy or both?
  5. Are your marketing campaigns in line with your positioning strategy?
  6. Is your customer targeting laser focused or are you using the shotgun approach?
  7. Have you budgeted a ROI on your marketing campaigns?
  8. Are you currently and constantly reviewing ROI on your campaigns?
    1. Are they meeting or exceeding the budget?
    2. Why or why not?

We can help you laser focus your marketing campaigns minimizing costs and maximizing ROI!

Contact us now to receive an analysis on the focus of your marketing, assistance on your marketing campaign management, or just a marketing audit at:  or Call us @ 702.850.0881

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