Online Reputation Management

We will manage and improve or restore your firm’s name or your brand’s good standing, through profiles, comments, reviews, and customers’ response.
A business reputation lies on its marketing trends which become an important part to meet the modern business goals. It is becoming increasingly important to utilize modern marketing techniques when it comes to enhancing your reputation in a highly competitive industry.

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Pay Per Click (PPC), Paid Management Firm

Our industry professionals will create custom cost effective ad campaigns by using relevant keywords to attain maximum benefits. Our expert PPC ad makers will bid to generate best priced clicks to direct traffic to your website. We will also maintain bids only for the optimum keywords to ensure reasonable prices to capture the top position prior to high bid prices. 

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Social Media Marketing

Create website/business promotion on Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. including regular posting and paid campaigns.
If you have a business, you need to promote it on different platforms to capitalize on your ROI. Not just by choosing traditional procedures, but by utilizing modern digital techniques to maximize business branding.

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Optimization : SEO Intensifier ™

Our SEO IntensifierTM Program is not your standard SEO. We will greatly enhance the visibility of your website on top ranking of search engines. We will bring your website the Competitive Advantage by ranking up in search results with search engines like Yahoo, Google, msn, Bing etc. to generate maximum traffic to your website.

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Static and Dynamic Website Development

You have 7 seconds to capture a potential customer on your website.  We create a custom, modern, responsive web design that incorporates client Vision, Brand, SEO IntensifierTM, as well as all related promotional strategies.

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Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions

Review possible opportunities to merge or aquire, taking full advantage of economies of scale or other important efficiencies. We will advise on how to create synergies by creating market power or demand price concessions from their suppliers.

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Managing Supply Chain Threats and Opportunities

Review your firm’s Efficiency and Vertical Integration of Goods and/or services. We may provide extensive advice on how your supply chain be re-organized and managed to improve your vertical relations management.

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Product Development & Managing Lines: Strategy and Tactics

Explore various methods to produce the optimal price for your products. Review your cost structure in determining optimal price. We may suggest to change the shape of a product’s demand curve and even rotate the demand curve to maximize profits.

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Strategic Positioning in Markets

Review the positioning strategy of your company. Whether you use the cost strategy or the differentiation strategy we provide you with extensive advice to maximize profits utilizing strategic positioning.

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Competitive Advantage & Profitability

Use industry analysis tools for your business’s structural analysis: Porter’s Five Forces, the Value Net, and the Resource-Based View. These frameworks are valuable tools because they enable business leaders to look toward and plan for the future.

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Corporate & Product Branding

Review your brand strategy of how, what, where, when and to whom. Where you advertise, your distribution channels and what you communicate visually and verbally. We will laser focus your brand strategy to improve your image and profitability.

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Turnaround Consulting

Companies dislike the term ‘turnaround consulting’ because it represents failure. The truth is that turnaround consulting represents success.

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