Managing Supply Chain Threats and Opportunities

Managing Supply Chain Threats and Opportunities

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EZB Consulting’s Managing Supply Chain Threats and Opportunities will review your firm’s Efficiency and Vertical Integration of Goods and/or services. We may provide extensive advice on how your supply chain be re-organized and managed to improve your vertical relations management.

Vertical integration is closely related to outsourcing. Basically, every firm needs to look at the entire set of activities that are required to produce its product or service. We will help your firm discover: Which of these activities does your firm need to own, and which can we obtain out in the market by contracting with other firms? We will create a strategy in Managing Supply Chain Threats and Opportunities, to make-or-buy decision.

We will assess the value of vertical integration. Vertical integration (VI) is the process by which the firm buys another firm or creates a new firm that acts as its buyer or supplier. We will assess if vertical integration is achieved will it accomplish gains in efficiency, market power, or both. We will discuss the costs associated with it that your firm must consider carefully along with potential gains. We will resolve the Timing and Duration issues. Different Reasons to vertically integrate include gaining better control of the brand, resolving pricing concerns, and dealing with opportunistic behavior.

We will work with your team so these strategic demands are addressed. We’re going to be creating a strategy on how your firm will improve Managing Supply Chain Threats and Opportunities and can position themselves better in the market against potentially threatening rivals and create a long lasting Competitive Advantage.

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