Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management Positive Reputation Yielding Positive Results

EZB Consulting Online reputation management team will manage and improve or restore your firm’s name or your brand’s good standing, through profiles, comments, reviews, and customers’ response.

EZB Consulting means taking control of the online conversation. Its techniques and strategies ensure that people find the right materials when they look for you on the Internet.  Done well, online reputation management creates balance, counteracts misleading trends, and allows you to put your best foot forward.

We understand that a business’ reputation lies in their marketing trends which become an important part of meeting business goals. It is increasingly important to utilize modern marketing techniques when it comes to enhancing your reputation in a highly competitive industry.

Advanced search engines and other information technologies have become much smarter through AI technology, why do we even need to manage our online reputations? Unfortunately, online reputation mismatches are not technology problems, they’re human problems. Google’s algorithms can only give us what we ask for. If we ask for juicy gossip, conspiracy stories, and negative reviews, that’s what gets associated with our search terms.

EZB Consulting’s Online reputation management counteracts that human bias for gossip, ensuring that the materials that actually matter aren’t overwhelmed by the rumors.  We will identify modern marketing trends per demand of the industry and your business requirements.

A web presence contributes to enhancing business reputation not just by using effective information, pictures, videos as well as presentations, but with an effective web layout to add business appeal.  Online reputation is becoming so pervasive that it’s almost time to drop the word “online.” Essentially, your online reputation is your reputation, professional and personal. Here’s why:

The Internet is our first stop for everything:

  • Two out of three people see the Internet as the most reliable source of information about a person or a business (Edelman Insights)
  • 70% of hiring managers have rejected a candidate because of something they found online (Cross-Tab)
  • When looking for a local business, 97% of people read online reviews (BIA Kelsey)

Looking at statistics like these, it’s clear that what happens online affects your entire life.

Online and offline are merging

With each passing day, the online world becomes more and more entangled with the rest of our activities. From smartphones to smart TVs, from the “Internet of things” to the self-driving cars of the future—you are living each day increasingly online, even if you never touch a computer.

That means there are more and more ways for you to leave an online mark, positive or negative.

EZB Consulting’s experienced professionals will identify and create a unique strategy to improve your web presence by adding all the elements required to grow your business. A few images, a user-friendly web layout, precise coding and perfect information along with the essential keywords would lead to a competitive advantage through web promotions.

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